Dear Friends,

On July 31, 1973 in South Haven, Michigan a baby girl was born to Neil and Carol Schaus. They named her Laura Jennifer.  We know her as Laura Mullins.

On February 12, 2017 at her home south of Nampa, Idaho, Laura completed her time with us in this world. That time was briefer than we would have liked.  Her time with us in this church was quite brief — barely two years.  I’ve never seen someone accomplish so much and become so endeared to so many in such a short time. 

We’ll miss Laura.  That’s an understatement.  Laura lives now with God. But in a very real sense she will continue to live with us.  Here’s just one example:  

One day I was sitting at my desk working on whatever seemed pressing at the moment.  In the back of my mind were projects I needed to get to, including the need that was becoming increasingly apparent for a better way to care for those who were no longer able to get to worship.

Laura stopped by.  She asked if it would be OK if she organized a Congregational Care Team.  What an answer to prayer that was!

The team is up and running and has been for some time.  It’s one of the best things that has happened in this church in a long time.  Laura got it started.  Laura kept it going.  Now Janet Walter and Joanne Blanton are going to pick up where Laura left off. They have a lot of great people to work with, thanks to Laura.  And there is always room for more.  Visiting people who don’t get much company is really a lot of fun.  It’s also really important.

One of my favorite moments with Laura these last few weeks was telling her about the new name.  We aren’t calling it the Congregational Care Team any longer.  It is now “Laura’s Angels” Care Team.  She was so pleased and so honored!

We are a different and a better church because of Laura Mullins.  We will gather soon to celebrate her life.  If you knew Laura at all, you won’t be surprised to learn that she has the service already planned in every detail.

We’ve all been praying for Laura and Michael.  Now we can pray for Michael.  Laura is fine.  We’re all grieving, but Michael most of all. It’s our turn now to be “Laura’s Angels” for him.

He does have one request.  Michael is a very good cook and his home is filled with family and friends who also enjoy cooking.  So meals are really not needed.  But I know you’ll find other ways to express to him your love and your deep appreciation for his wife, Laura Mullins

In Christ, John