Dear Friends,

I’m thinking about my dad.  March 6 was his birthday.  He would have been 93 today.

I’m also thinking about Mark Link, who I never met, had barely heard of, but who found his way into yesterday’s sermon.

As I was working on the series I’m calling “Simply Jesus”, I reached into my “Jesus” file and found something Mark Link had written back in 1972.  I’d copied it down in my own handwriting (which was better then, than it is now).  It fit well into the sermon.  But then I wondered, who is Mark Link?

I found out he had just died.  January 18, 2017.  He born 45 days after my dad. They both grew up in poor families that struggled to survive during the Great Depression. They both played baseball, served in World War II in the South Pacific, and finished college on the GI bill.

My dad met my mom not long after that, for which I am most grateful.

Mark Link took a different path.  In his own words, “I was looking for something significant in my life.  There was a hunger.  And then it was clear I should become a Jesuit.  It’s hard to explain, really what I felt.  I just knew I should become a Jesuit.”

It was in 1972 that he wrote the book, He is the Still Point in the Turning World that I referenced yesterday.  It was one of his 76 books.

But I found it fascinating that when he was 80 he deciding books were no longer the best way to reach a younger generation.  So he started a website. 

My dad was an electrical genius and a pioneer in the cable television industry.  But he never owned a computer or a cell phone.  He never made the transition (which his son eventually made kicking and screaming) into the computer age.

Not so Mark Link.  He named his website “staygreat.com”.  He called it that because, “God made you great.  Stay great.”  I’ve linked to it below.  (No pun intended.)  He made arrangements for that website to keep going after his death.  I’ve learned that a great many people visit “staygreat.com” for their daily devotions.  I would recommend it for that.  Check it out.

I am thankful for my dad.  More than words can say.  And I am thankful also for Mark Link.  And those words he wrote 45 years ago:

To some he (Jesus) is an uneasy feeling in times of silence;

To others he is a sunrise of hope in a night of darkness.

To all he is a challenge.


In Him,