Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Friends,

This is a day of decisions.  Every day is.  Small ones.  Big ones.  And sometimes the ones we think are small turn out to be big and the ones we think are big turn out to be small.

I heard Garrison Keillor talk about this.  It was part of his “News from Lake Wobegon”, the “sermon” part of his weekly radio broadcast.  He told of a woman whose marriage had left her disappointed.   A friend named Harold had become more than a friend and had urged her to leave her marriage.  She had a decision to make.  She went to the ocean to get away from it all and to gain some clarity.  She stood at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean.  The waves were crashing against the rocks below.  I’ll let Garrison take over from here.

Such force is in the world.  Such power.  A person could take a misstep and be destroyed.  She remembered when she had been a waitress and she was waiting tables at a big banquet, carrying a tray of eight salisbury steaks and gravy and potatoes, walking toward the head table.  She dumped the entire tray onto the minister, whose retirement reception this was.  But as she walked toward the table, before she lost control of the tray, she had an idea that this was going to happen.  She thought first about how terrible it would be, and then as she walked closer she realized she was going to, and she didn’t turn away.  She kept coming.  And up it went, the great landslide of gravy and potatoes.  And now she had the same feeling about Harold.  She had a feeling that she was not going to go away with him and so she didn’t.  She simply knew that she wouldn’t and so she didn’t.  Who knows where this knowledge comes from?  But it’s important to listen to it.

I think I know where this knowledge comes from.  We are all a misstep from destruction.  It’s a scary world out there.  But this is God’s world.  So we need not be paralyzed with fear.  God is guiding us away from disaster and into a future far better than we could come up with on our own.  This beautiful day might be a good day to get away from it all and listen to God.

In Christ,