Monday Musings – April 4, 2016

Dear Friends,

Well, we didn’t make the final four.  But fifth best in the nation ain’t too shabby!

What I’m talking about is the honor that has come to the Nampa First United Methodist Men.  Perhaps you saw the article in the “Press-Tribune”.  The General Commission on United Methodist Men has recognized us as the fifth best unit of United Methodist Men in the United States.

How did we get this honor?  Was it our monthly lunch meetings? (Third Tuesdays, noon, at Canyon Creek Restaurant, all men invited.) Great as these gatherings are, that wasn’t it.

I’m pretty sure what impressed those who gave us this award was the 33 years we have been serving meals at the Salvation Army.  As I compose this, I know Dwayne Evanson, Curtis Wilhite, and Judy Matthew are getting ready to serve another mid-day meal today.  In March they served over 100 people at the two meals for which we are responsible.

In addition to this, there is the Veterans Treatment Court mentoring in which we are involved.  Dwayne stood up in worship yesterday and gave a beautiful testimony about a life that has been transformed because of that mentoring.

A lot of churches have a hard time finding time for much of anything outside the church walls.  That’s not true of this church.  And that’s especially not true of our United Methodist Men.  I am proud to be pastor of such a church.

In Christ,


dwayne evanson