Monday Musings: December 19, 2016

Dear Friends,

I missed Monday Night Football last Monday night because we hold our Leadership Team meetings on Mondays. I was told afterwards I had missed something. Not the game (New England beat Baltimore 30-23) but the profile on Logan Schoenhardt that opened the broadcast. I was happy to find it on YouTube and I am happy to send it to you this morning.

 Logan is 10 years old and has had six surgeries to remove an aggressive brain tumor that keeps coming back. It has come back now in a location that makes it inoperable.

 It’s a sad story. Be prepared for some tears. But you’ll smile more than you will cry. And you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself, whatever challenges life has thrown your way.

 Tom Brady, quarterback of the Patriots, is part of this story. He is Logan’s hero. After you watch this, see if you don’t agree that Logan Schoenhardt is your new hero.

 In Christ, John



YOUTUBE.COM:  Ten-year-old Patriots fan’s special bond with Tom Brady