12.26.2016 Monday Musings

Dear Friends,

It’s the day after Christmas — a good day to stay home and relax.  Maybe you will find time today to actually open all those Christmas cards that have been coming since Thanksgiving and read the messages inside.

And then what will you do with them?  Helen always has a basket.  A Christmas card basket. We can’t bear to throw them away, but they don’t do us much good in that basket.

My Grandma Watts would always put her Christmas cards up around her house so she could see them and enjoy them.  I like that idea.

Better yet, Cesie Delve Scheuermann in her “Inspiring Generosity” blog last week wrote about Anne Hendrick, her mom’s best friend.  Anne would put her Christmas cards in a big bowl.  Every day after Christmas, lasting well into the new year, she and her husband would take one card out of that bowl as part of their morning devotions.  They would pray for whoever that card was from.

Here’s what Cesie says:  “There was something oddly comforting, knowing that some time during the year, my card would be selected and my family and I would be prayed for.  For years, you could just feel the extra boost in your soul.”

Christmas cards seem to be going out of style, with all the other ways we have to communicate.  We still send one.  And we still write one of those dreaded “year in review” letters that we tuck inside.  It’s been great to hear from many of you who also still send cards.

When I look at Helen’s basket, overflowing with all those cards, it makes me feel rich.  We have so many friends.  Even more friends than there are cards in that basket, which is a lot!  

On this day after Christmas, we thank God for each and every one of you.


In Christ,

John & Helen



PS Here is a link to more information on “The Miraculous Staircase“, our Christmas Eve story this year.