Monday Musings – December 28, 2015

Dear Friends,

I talked Sunday about those dark moments in our lives when it is hard to believe that we will ever again see the light.  Christmas tells us that we will.  The light that is Jesus shines in any and every darkness and “the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

This is a dark day for Jill, John, and Franklin Thompson of McCall, Idaho.  On Christmas Day, while celebrating at home with friends, they became aware that something was not right with the blazing fire in their fireplace.  Their roof had caught fire.  They all got out safely, but there was nothing the firefighters could do to save their home.

Our family had our Thanksgiving Dinner in that home in 2013.  It had just been built.  John is the first cousin of my son-in-law, Alan Anderson.  He was the best man at our daughter Kelsey’s wedding.  As soon as Alan heard the news, he was on the road, Portland to McCall, to do whatever he could to help.

This isn’t the first dark moment in Jill’s life.  She is the author of an amazing book, Finding Jill, that tells the story of how she lost her first husband, both her children, her mother, and a niece in a car accident in Italy.  She was in that accident and nearly died herself.  It is a sad story, obviously, but it is also an incredible story about how little by little life started to make sense again and she found new hope and new joy.  The book’s in our library, by the way.

It breaks my heart that the journey of healing begins again now for Jill.  No one person should have to endure what she has endured.  But she’s tough.  And she’s a woman of faith. At least this time it was things, not people, that she lost.

The Thompsons are OK financially.  I’m not asking for your financial support.  I’m just asking for your prayers.  Maybe one thing more.  We’re sending one of those adorable cards made by our Kids Stuff children to Jill, John, and Franklin.  Our prayer groups sends these out each Monday.  It would be really cool if we could also send a manila envelope full of your cards and good wishes.  Just get them to me and I will see that they are delivered. It may seem a small thing, but even a small light shines brightly when it is really dark.

In Christ,




Finding Jill: How a Boise Woman Rebuilt Her Life Through Grief