Monday Musings – February 17, 2015

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is Wednesday, but not just any Wednesday.  It is Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent.   The season of Lent prepares us for Easter.  It is the 40 days (not counting Sundays) leading up to Easter.  It corresponds to the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for his ministry. Lent will be over soon enough and we will find ourselves on the other side of Easter.  It’s entirely possible, even likely, that Lent 2015 will have absolutely no impact on your life.  On the other hand, what if we took Lent seriously this year?  What if we intentionally use this time to grow in our faith?

I have attached the brochure we distributed in worship on Sunday.  This is a tool to help us all grow in faith.  The inside of the brochure (the second page as you scroll down) helps us locate where we are right now.  Our faith can be evaluated in at least these six ways: 1) prayer, 2) presence, 3) gifts, 4) service, 5) witness, and 6) learning.  Where are you in each of these?  There is a description in the boxes to help you evaluate whether you are in the planting phase, the tending phase, or the harvesting phase.  I’m guessing you will find that you are more advanced in some of these than you are in others.  And even if you can honestly say that you are in the harvesting phase on all six, that doesn’t mean you have no room to grow.  It just means that for you it’s probably time to plant once again!

Once you have assessed where you are right you, the next step is the important one.  What do you need to do to grow in your faith?  Maybe just in one of these six areas, maybe in several of them.  The idea is to become “unstuck” and to allow God to work in you as you grow into the beautiful, mature, fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ that God intends for you to become.

I hope to see you on Ash Wednesday!  First, for our Wednesday Night Live meal (6 – 6:30 pm).  Then for a short, simple Ash Wednesday service of worship in the sanctuary (6:45 – 7 pm).  Then it will be time for the various Wednesday Night Live options, including this week Kenton Lee, inventor of “The Shoe that Grows”.

In Christ,


PS Additional copies of the “Growing in Faith” brochure are on the welcome table at church.

Growing in Faith brochure (outside)

Growing in Faith brochure (inside)