Monday Musings for August 7, 2017

Monday Musings for August 7, 2017

Dear Friends,

I started sending these “Monday Musings” in the fall of 2011.  I could be wrong, but I can’t think of a week I haven’t sent one ever since.  I tell you this because that streak will soon be coming to an end.  I will be at Creation Vacation at Sawtooth Camp a week from today and I will be in Madras, Oregon for the eclipse two weeks from today.  I don’t plan to send “Monday Musings” on those days, so expect to hear from me next on Monday, August 28.

I want to thank Linda Andrich for recommending and loaning me a copy of Same Kind of Different as Me.  It’s a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.  To give you an idea of what the book is about, here is what it says on the back cover:

A dangerous, homeless drifter who grew up picking cotton in virtual slavery.

An upscale art dealer accustomed to the world of Armani and Chanel.

A gutsy woman with a stubborn dream.

A story so incredible no novelist would dare dream it.

Here’s the most disgusting and, at the same time, most beautiful part of the book:

A homeless man lived under a railroad trestle in a cardboard box shaped like a casket.  He ate from garbage cans.  You could smell him from a distance.  His beard was matted with dried vomit and the remnants of past meals.  You wouldn’t want to light a match anywhere near him he reeked so of alcohol.  And yet the first thing you would notice about this man was not any of these disgusting details.  It was his smile.  He was always smiling!

Deborah, the star of the book, offered him a plate of freshly baked cookies.  Then she asked him why he was always so happy.  His answer:  “I woke up!  That’s reason enough to be happy!”

Did you wake up this morning?  I did!   As much as we may have to complain about, we have more to be thankful for.  And topping that list:  “I woke up!”

Until Monday, August 28,

In Christ,