Monday Musings for February 5, 2018

Dear Friends,

Last week, an out-of-town friend called me with some news he wanted to share.  His first words were, “I am an alcoholic.”

I did not know.  I had no idea.

He told me that a couple of weeks ago he was drunk, fell, and hurt himself.  He could very easily have hurt himself much worse, but it was bad enough to get his attention.  He said he had known for most of his life that this day one day would come.  He had to quit drinking.  Moderation had not worked for him.  He was powerless over his addiction to alcohol.

He also knew he couldn’t quit.  Not by himself.  He knew that Alcoholics Anonymous was right.  Only a power higher than himself could give him freedom from the craving that was destroying his life.

He hasn’t had a drink since.  He hasn’t wanted one.  He is attending an AA group and also “Celebrate Recovery”.  He’s one of the lucky ones whose wife has not left him.  But he knows her patience has a limit and he has reached that limit.

He does not have a single DUI on his driving record.  But that’s only because he’s been lucky.  He told me that he could easily have killed himself and others while driving drunk many, many times.

God has saved his life.  He knows that is true.  He’s not sure why, but it must be because God has something for him to accomplish with the rest of his life.  He told me he’s pretty sure that something has to do with helping others.

I told him what I was planning to write about in today’s Monday Musings.  It’s something I heard on the radio last week.  Jackie Robinson said it:  “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

I was going to start with that and see if God would give me a few more words so I might have something of value to share.  I think God already has, through my friend.

Pray for him, will you please?  I have so much respect for him.  It is “one day at a time” for him, as it is for us all.

In Christ,