Monday Musings for October 23, 2017

Monday Musings for October 23, 2017

Dear Friends,

What do you have planned for this beautiful Monday?

I’ve been away for a few days, so I will be busy playing catch up.  While I was gone, a lot happened at church.  The Classics Luncheon, the Holiday Bazaar, and Laity Sunday.  Thanks to all involved and helping in any way.  I hear it was a great sermon given by Bill Southworth.  You will hear another great sermon this coming Sunday (Consecration Sunday) given by Steve Tollefson.  “The Griddle” is catering our celebration meal following each service.  If we don’t have your reservation yet, it’s not too late.  We want everyone there.

So back to my question:  What do you have planned for this beautiful Monday?

Perhaps you have a job that will demand your very best.  You may have some unstructured, discretionary time to fill this evening.  Or perhaps your situation affords you the opportunity to plan your day according to your own wishes.  You will decide what to do and what not to do.

Whatever your plans are, I certainly hope two words have been banished from your vocabulary.  “I’m bored.”

These are words Helen and I heard a lot while our children were growing up.  The implication of course was that it was our fault they had nothing fun and interesting to occupy their time and therefore our responsibility to do something about that.  Our children quickly learned that entertaining them was not high on our priority list.  We did our best to teach them that being bored is a choice, a poor choice, and certainly an unnecessary choice.  Because this world God gives us fresh every morning is filled with interesting, fascinating, meaningful ways to spend every minute!

Like writing this and getting if off to you before any more of the morning slips away.  And then all the other tasks (I won’t bore you with details) that await me before my work day is over.  And this evening?  Working out at the Rec Center, watching the Eagles beat the Redskins, and reading my current book, a biography of Benjamin Franklin.  I can’t wait!

I hope you have similar plans for this day that you are looking forward to, that you won’t allow boredom into your life, even for a minute, and that you will go to bed tonight with no regrets and with even better things to look forward to tomorrow!

In Christ,