Monday Musings for September 4, 2017

Monday Musings for September 4, 2017

Dear Friends,

Perhaps you remember the death of Dave Goldberg, age 47.  It happened on May 1, 2015. He was vacationing with his family in Mexico and exercising on a treadmill.  His cause of death was first reported as blunt force trauma from falling off the treadmill, but it was later determined that it was a heart arrhythmia that caused the fall and his death.

It was kind of a big story because Dave Goldberg was well known in the tech world as a top executive with Yahoo and then CEO of Survey Monkey.

He was also well known for his wife, Sheryl Sandberg.  She is the COO of Facebook and before that was a top executive with Google.  She was ranked # 6 among the top 50 women in business in 2016.  But her top priority is raising her two children who lost their dad at a very early age and need their mom very much.

Sheryl was featured at this year’s Global Leadership Summit (sponsored by Willow Creek Community Church).  She was interviewed by Bill Hybels, the church’s founding and senior pastor.

She talked about her loss and how she and her children are coping.  What she said was incredibly inspirational.  She said we’ve all heard of post-traumatic stress, which is very real and very crippling.  But she said there is also such a thing as post-traumatic growth. Now barely two years after her loss, she reported that, devastating as Dave’s death has been, her family is doing well.  They are healing (not yet healed) and they are growing.

One little thing she shared which might become a big thing for you is simply this:  At the end of each day Sheryl and her children write down in a notebook three moments in that day when they experienced joy.  There were a few days when it was hard to think of even one, but a strange thing happened as they continued to follow this daily discipline.  Knowing that they would have two other people at the end of the day expecting to hear their three moments of joy, caused them to look for and to find joys they otherwise might have missed.

Are you missing the joys God is sending your way every day?  Are you so consumed with your own problems that that has become your whole world?  You might be suffering from post-traumatic stress, but remember, there is also such a thing as post-traumatic growth.

In Christ,