Monday Musings – July 25, 2016

Dear Friends,
The best way to start your Monday is probably not with tears.  If you’re already crying Monday morning, that might mean it’s going to be a long week!  So fair warning, the song I have linked below will probably make you cry.
I shared with you three months ago that my cousin’s daughter, Makayla Cook-Castro fell while rock climbing and later died of her massive injuries.  You were wonderful with your love and prayers and kind expressions of sympathy.
The video that will make you cry is a song written and sung by Makayla’s college roommate at Grand Canyon University.  It expresses well the way Christians understand suffering.
You were ready for her,
You reside here in this pain.
As mourning turns to light, we’ll forever ask You why,
But it’s OK, ’cause she’s dancing by your side.
This Sunday we will be talking about pain and suffering and where God fits in.  Our God of miracles doesn’t always do the miracle we pray for.  God didn’t intervene to save Makayla’s life.  God often lets tragic events play themselves out as if God weren’t even there.  We are forever asking “why?”  And some have stopped asking that question and have already answered it by not believing in God.  But the Bible teaches us a difficult truth which is exactly what this song affirms:  “God resides here in this pain.”
It’s not an easy topic.  None of the topics we are dealing with in this series are easy.  But I hope to see you Sunday as we struggle with this together.
In Christ, John