Monday Musings – June 15, 2015

Dear Friends,
This is Monday of Vacation Bible School week.  I have never seen a church that does Vacation Bible School as well as we do.  Many thanks to all those whose hard work and concern for children is making it happen again this year!  This Sunday, June 21 at the 11 am service our VBS  children and their families will be with us.
I am just back from Annual Conference in Salem.  Doug Renfrow will be giving a report in worship on June 28.  For now, here is just one story that inspired me:
Clay Andrew, our pastor in Hillsboro, Oregon told of a call he got from his Staff-Parish chair asking for a meeting.  Turns out the subject had to do with the 12-step recovery groups that were meeting in their building.  The agreement had been that each group was responsible for providing care for their own children.  The agreement wasn’t working very well.  There were a lot of unattended children running around the building unsupervised.  There had been a lot of complaints.  Clay was expecting to be told that it was time to clamp down and ask these groups to leave.  And Clay was ready to argue the point.  He didn’t have to.
He was asked, “Do you think it would be OK if our church would provide the childcare?  It might be a small way of showing our support for these people who are working so hard to change their lives.”
Clay said he thought that would be OK.
As a result several of these people have become involved with the Hillsboro church for more than just “meeting night”.  The other day he overheard one of them say to another, “I think this church likes us.”
In Christ,