Monday Musings – May 5, 2014

Dear Friends,

A friendly warning:  Don’t wait too long to buy your Mother’s Day cards.  One year I went Mother’s Day card shopping on theMonday after.  Big mistake.  The cards had all been taken away.  I had an incredibly understanding mother and wife, but I learned my lesson.

In honor of our mothers, here’s a little something I thought was good.  The author is Angela Thomas Guffey.

In the midst of unloading the dishwasher, matching a hundred white socks every week and giving more explanations than required by legal counsel in a deposition, my soul fell asleep.  It happened so slowly that I didn’t even know I had been tranquilized by the joys and the monotony of motherhood.  The blur of my real life with a husband, children, school, and church had come roaring in like a major league fastball.  I had proudly stepped into the batter’s box wearing a brand new uniform with SUPERMOM on my back.  But stress and deep anxiety filled most of my days.  I was shackled to my commitments and a mom image that always seemed to elude me.  I let my children become overinvolved and modeled for them the fine art of overdoing.  My to-do list was in control of my days, and my to-be list had gotten lost in the pile.  I had been mistaken.  I thought that the goal of motherhood was to be a supermom.  But in fact, the goal of mothering is to be a woman of God to your children.  A woman of God is intimately connected to her Savior.  A woman of God can love and give from the overflowing cup God has filled.

Dear Mom,

My sister in the pursuit of quick meals and clean laundry,

My co-laborer in raising good kids who grow up to love Jesus,

Let us not become weary or distracted in the care of our souls.

My dad died a year ago today.  Every day I am grateful for him.  But his absence makes me especially grateful that my mom is still very much alive.  I love her and appreciate her very much. I’ve attached her picture.  I bought her card and Helen’s a week ago.  Just to be safe.

In Christ,