Monday Musings – November 23, 2015

Dear Friends,

The red flag is up on a church mail box that is filled with your thank you cards.  A wonderful response.  You’re going to brighten the day for a lot of people.  Thank you.

Jean Holland shared with me a good question to ask ourselves this week:

“What if I woke up today with only what I thanked God for yesterday?”

Let’s see.   What did I thank God for yesterday?  Not enough.  Even if had spent the entire day doing nothing but filling out a gratitude list, it would have included but a fraction of my blessings.  So I would have woken up this morning with a quite a shock!

It’s a good thing God doesn’t operate that way.  God just keeps giving and giving regardless of our gratitude or lack thereof.  I think of the ten lepers Jesus healed (Luke 17:11-19). Only one returned to say “thanks”.  But all ten were still healed.  Jesus didn’t reverse his miracle for the nine who were ungrateful.  Grace never gives what we deserve.  Grace always gives far better than we deserve.

So we don’t need to cower in fear over the possibility that a vengeful God might reach down and punish us for taking our blessings for granted.  But there is something that should concern us.  When we fail to say thanks, we are the losers.  We still have the blessings, but without gratitude those same blessings aren’t nearly as sweet.

So yes, you will be making a lot of people feel real good when they read what you wrote on your thank you cards.  But as I’m sure you have already discovered, one of those who is feeling real good about now is you.

“It is good to give thanks” (Psalms 92:1).

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful to be your pastor.

In Christ, John


PS: Happy Birthday Earl Ratcliff, 100 years young today!

RATCLIFF, Earl & Larie