Monday Musings – September 21, 2015

Dear Friends,

What a beautiful world God has given us!  As you read this, I will be out enjoying this world with my brother and my sister.  This will be our third annual mountain adventure in loving memory of our dad, Jack Watts, who introduced us to God’s beautiful world while we were growing up.

Don’t know where we will go.  My brother, Alan, is the one who has most taken after our dad in his love of the Central Oregon Cascades.  He spends most of his summer every summer climbing mountains and exploring the backcountry that we all remember so fondly.  He always does a good job of surprising us with something we can handle but that will stretch us just enough to make it memorable.

We have such memories.  I remember years ago climbing Mt. Washington (not the one you can drive up in New Hampshire).  We got to the top of the ridge where the real climb would begin.  My sister Susan looked over it and when she saw the drop to the other side she started to scream.  The scary part hadn’t started yet.  (See attached picture.)  Somehow we made it.  Even Susan.  Even my mother, which is even more amazing.  I hope Alan doesn’t have Mt. Washington in mind for this year!

I have an amazing brother and sister.  Susan got tougher as she got older.  She does not hold Alan and me back one bit.  (See attached picture of her with me from our adventure two years ago, with Broken Top in the background.)  And my brother Alan, as I’m sure I’ve told you before, is almost as famous for his rock climbing as the other Alan Watts is for his philosophy.  Most importantly, we are all three the best of friends.  Kind of rare I guess, as I hear of families where siblings haven’t spoken in years.  I think those adventures we shared with our dad years ago had something to do with making us and keeping us close. Thanks, Dad.

In Christ,


mt washington

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