Monday Musings – September 8, 2015

Monday Musings on Tuesday for September 7, 2015
Dear Friends,
Most of you who get this also get our church newsletter mailed to you.  If you don’t and would like to get it, just let us know.  I’ve heard rumors that even those of you who get the newsletter don’t necessarily read every word, so this time I just want to lift up something I don’t want you to miss.  It’s on page 10 under the title, “Suitcases for Dignity.”
This is something I had never thought of.  Children who are homeless or who move frequently (often to foster homes) don’t typically own a suitcase.  So how do they move their “stuff”?  It is not uncommon for them to use one of those big, black trash bags.  What’s wrong with that?  As the article points out, that can make a child (who is already living a harder life that most of us can imagine) start to wonder if they aren’t trash, too.
Doreen Webb is doing something about this.  The article gives you the details.  Where you come in is that she needs your gently used suitcases, duffle bags, and back packs.  Also small (infant to teen size) blankets.  Stuffed animals and diaries or journals with pens would also be nice.  Call Doreen to arrange drop-off or pick-up.  She’ll take it from there.
Doreen mentioned this idea to me several weeks ago.  I told her I thought it was a great idea.  A lot of great ideas never amount to anything because they just get dropped.  Thanks Doreen, both for a great idea and for the follow through!  And thanks to all of you who I know will help.
In Christ,
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