Dear Friends,

I talked last week at Kid’s Stuff about Abraham.  I told them the story about how Abraham and Sarah had a good life and were very happy in Haran.  Then God told them it was time to move.  God had wonderful promises, but they were really quite vague.  I can imagine Abraham had a lot of questions.  And that Sarah would have had even more.  Where exactly are we going?  Do you have a map?  How are we going to transport all our stuff?  Any idea how we are going to eat along the way?  And you really expect us to live in tents?  But the Bible does not record any questions.  They just go.  They are obedient to God.

I was thinking about this story as I drove home from “Simply Worship” last night.   We had a big send-off for Jennifer Mercer.  Today Jennifer is driving a big moving truck, pulling her car, her only passenger her dog.  She’s headed for a new life in Boston, Massachusetts, with many unanswered questions about what awaits her there.  But she is trusting God.  She believes God is in this move and that God will provide.

I’m inspired by people like Abraham and Sarah and Jennifer.  And Jim and Sue, clergy colleagues of mine who recently retired and, rather than settling down to enjoy their hard-earned leisure, moved to Kenya to serve as missionaries.  Wow!  How would you respond if God called you to something big and scary, something that required a ton of faith?

God’s call to do something big doesn’t necessarily mean a big move, whether it be to Canaan or Boston or Kenya or somewhere else.  You can stay right where you are and still say yes to God.  But I’m not sure you can say a conditional yes to God.  I’m not sure you can say yes to God and still retain the right to control your own life.  That’s the whole point.  It’s not your life!  We each belong to God.  If we really believe that, who of us can really say that we have the course of our lives all plotted out in advance?  God might have other plans!

In Christ,