Dear Friends,

This is a special day in Nampa.  This is the first day of school.  Not sure why this day comes here two full weeks before Labor Day.  I associate a nip of frost in the air with my first days back to school.  Not much hint of frost around here!

I imagine this day stirs up deep memories in all of us.  I remember having a hard time sleeping the night before (kind of like the night before Christmas) and then dressing in never-before-worn clothes and posing for a picture outside before walking to school.  That picture was just me for my first 5 years of school, then I was joined by my sister and the following year by my brother.

I remember our oldest, Kelsey, boarding the bus for her first day of kindergarten.  As the bus pulled away we could see the tops of heads through the windows but that was about all.  With the spacing of our children, we had just one day to photograph all three leaving for school.  2002.  Kelsey was a senior, Heather a 6th grader, and Collin was starting kindergarten.

That same Collin drove himself to school this morning.  He’s a sophomore at Nampa High.  Helen made sure he had new clothes and all the right school supplies.  He’s  taller than I am and his voice is about as deep as mine when I have a chest cold.  The years roll by!

Let’s pray a special prayer this morning for all children who are returning to school.  And for their teachers.  And all the others (administrators, custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, school board members, etc.) who work so hard to help our children learn and grow into responsible adults.

And by the way, please vote a week from tomorrow.  It’s an election that is very important for our schools.

In Christ,