Monday Musing – 11-23-2020

Monday Musings for November 23, 2020   Dear Friends, Yesterday in worship we played a video of a song that is special

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Monday Musing – 11-16-2020

Monday Musings for 11.16.20   Dear Friends, Joel Ross is a real estate mogul who publishes the Ross Rant.  I want to

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Monday Musing – 11-9-2020

Monday Musings for 11.9.20   Dear Friends, On my Sunday drive to church I usually listen to "The Puzzle" on NPR.  Each

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Monday Musing – 10-19-2020

Monday Musings for 10.19.20   Dear Friends, I just finished a series of six sermons on the Bible.  I tried to keep

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Monday Musing – 10-12-2020

Monday Musings for 10.12.20   Dear Friends, I have a stack of books that have been resources for "Bible 101."  One is

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Monday Musing – 10-5-2020

Monday Musings for 10.5.20   Dear Friends, The sign in front of the church says, "Pray for our President."  But how do

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Monday Musing – 9-28-2020

Monday Musings for 9.28.20   Dear Friend, It was great to see so many of you at Liberty Park yesterday!  Several of

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Monday Musing – 9-21-2020

Monday Musing for September 21, 2020   Dear Friends, Numbers is not the most exciting book in the Bible.  Countless people who

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