Monday Musing – 2/10/2020

Monday Musings for 2.10.20   Dear Friends, A full moon last night.  And a clear sky.  A perfect night for a run.

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Monday Musing – 2/3/2020

Monday Musings for 2.3.20 Dear Friends, I visited a nursing home the other day.  The person I visited thought I was her

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Monday Musing – 1/27/2020

Monday Musing for 1.27.20   Dear Friends, When I was in high school, I was part of something special.  Our cross country

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Monday Musing – 1/20/2020

Monday Musings for January 20, 2020   Dear Friends, Rick Reilly left "Sports Illustrated" a while back.  I miss him.  Here is

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Monday Musing – 1/13/2020

Monday Musings for 1.13.2020   Dear Friends, Last week I told you I would share a few thoughts on the latest news

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Monday Musing – 1/6/2020

Dear Friends, It's not necessarily a good thing when our church is in the news, and it might not be this time. 

Monday Musing – 1/6/20202020-01-11T10:01:14-07:00

Monday Musing – 12/30/2019

Dear Friends, I am a collector of Christmas stories.  I've always thought a story is better than a sermon on Christmas Eve,

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Monday Musing – 12/23/2019

Dear Friends, The Christmas story is one we all know by heart.  We have it memorized.  You could probably recite it out

Monday Musing – 12/23/20192020-01-11T10:08:17-07:00

Monday Musing – 12/16/2019

Dear Friends, Yesterday started with our chancel choir's annual cantata.  Beautifully done.  Very well attended.  And the day ended with our second

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Monday Musing – 12/09/2019

Dear Friends, Each Wednesday and Thursday at 11 am I meet with our pre-school children in the sanctuary.   We sing a few

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