Monday Musing – 1/6/2020

Dear Friends, It's not necessarily a good thing when our church is in the news, and it might not be this time. 

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Monday Musing – 12/30/2019

Dear Friends, I am a collector of Christmas stories.  I've always thought a story is better than a sermon on Christmas Eve,

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Monday Musing – 12/23/2019

Dear Friends, The Christmas story is one we all know by heart.  We have it memorized.  You could probably recite it out

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Monday Musing – 12/16/2019

Dear Friends, Yesterday started with our chancel choir's annual cantata.  Beautifully done.  Very well attended.  And the day ended with our second

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Monday Musing – 12/09/2019

Dear Friends, Each Wednesday and Thursday at 11 am I meet with our pre-school children in the sanctuary.   We sing a few

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Monday Musing – 12/02/2019

Dear Friends, I'm getting this out a little later on Monday than usual.  I'm needed around home a bit more these days. 

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Monday Musing – 11/25/2019

Dear Friends, The long awaited Mr. Rogers movie with Tom Hanks in the starring role came out Friday.  I haven't seen it

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Monday Musing – 11/18/2019

Dear Friends, A great day yesterday!  Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make it a success.  The financial

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Monday Musing – 11/11/2019

Dear Friends, Each week we receive at our church office the newsletter from the Nampa Church of the Brethren.  Their pastor, John Fillmore

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Monday Musing – 11/04/2019

Dear Friends, Sol Tax taught anthropology at the University of Chicago.  One day he was carrying his granddaughter on his shoulders.  They

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