Monday Musing – 2-22-2021

Monday Musings for 2.22.21   Dear Friends, I often preach sermons in a series, like the "Jesus 101" series that started yesterday.  This

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Monday Musing – 2-15-2021

Monday Musings for 2.15.21   Dear Friends, Last week I gave you a head start on Lent.  Lent actually begins day after

Monday Musing – 2-15-20212021-02-17T15:21:17-07:00

Monday Musing – 2-8-2021

Monday Musings for February 8, 2021   Dear Friends, The season of Lent begins a week from Wednesday (February 17).  Lent is the

Monday Musing – 2-8-20212021-02-17T15:18:30-07:00

Monday Musing – 2-1-2021

Monday Musings for February 1, 2021   Dear Friends, Welcome to February! Here's a story that has been sitting in my file

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Monday Musing – 1-25-2021

Monday Musings for 1.25.21   Dear Friends, There is a famous sketch (attached below) that is the face of either a young

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Monday Musing – 1-19-2021

Monday Musings on a Tuesday 1.19.21   Dear Friends, One reason to retire is more time for grandchildren.  Another reason is to

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Monday Musing – 1-11-2021

Monday Musings for 1.11.21   Dear Friends, I woke up Friday morning and checked my phone.  There was a text message from

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Monday Musing – 1-4-2021

Monday Musings for 1.4.21   Dear Friends, Yesterday I announced my plan to retire at the end of June.  I am 65

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Monday Musing – 12-28-2020

Monday Musings for 12.28.20   Dear Friends, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour did not last long.  Just three seasons, 1967-1969.  Tom and

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Monday Musing – 12-21-2020

Monday Musings for December 21, 2020 Dear Friends, Yesterday I talked about the "400 years of silence" between the Old and New

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