Monday Musing – 7-13-2020

Monday Musings for 7.13.30   Dear Friends, The Jewish Talmud is not in the Bible.  It is a commentary that was added

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Monday Musing – 7-6-2020

Monday Musings for 7.6.20   Dear Friends, Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote a book in 1981 with a title you will recognize.  When Bad

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Monday Musing – 6-29-2020

Dear Friends,   The older I get, the less tolerance I have for commercials.  Almost everything Helen and I watch these days is

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Monday Musing – 6-22-2020

Monday Musings for 6.22.20     Dear Friends, Michael Jr. is a comedian.  One of the best.  We've watched his DVDs here

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Monday Musing – 6-15-2020

Monday Musings for 6.15.20   Dear Friends, My friend John Mars, at Church of the Warm Heart UMC in Meridian, has added

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Monday Musing – 6-8-2020

Monday Musings for 6.8.20   Dear Friends, I have three book recommendations today.  One I read a long time ago, one I

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Monday Musing – 6-1-2020

Monday Musings for 6.1.20   Dear Friends, I have a friend in Salem, Oregon who also sends something once a week.  Hers is

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Monday Musing – 5-26-2020

Monday Musings (on Tuesday) for 5.26.20   Dear Friends, Among the COVID-19 related deaths last week was Annie Glenn.  She was the

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Monday Musing – 5-18-2020

Monday Musings for 5-18-20   Dear Friends, This one may be confusing.  Because I am sending a Monday Musings that has been

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Monday Musing – 5-11-2020

Monday Musings for 5.11.20   Dear Friends, We're going through a hard time right now.  A lot of people are hurting.  A

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