Monday Musing – 9/2/2019

Dear Friends, HANK for HEISMAN!!! I'll get back to that.  But first, Helen and I are leaving town for a couple of

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Monday Musing – 8/26/2019

Dear Friends, We have a new church website.  Check it out. We have worked with a great guy who is very skilled

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Monday Musing – 8/19/2019

Dear Friends, Yesterday Helen and I celebrated 40 years of marriage.  Forty is a biblical number, you may know.  It rained for

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Monday Musing – 8/12/2019

Dear Friends, I am often asked how Peggy Ellis is doing.  You might remember, she was hospitalized for nearly three months last

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Monday Musing – 8/5/2019

Dear Friends, I have a distant memory of elementary school summer reading contests.  I read of lot of books in the summer

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Monday Musing – 7/22/2019

Dear Friends, Have you heard of the Detroit Youth Choir?  If you are a fan of the television show "America's Got Talent"

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Monday Musings for April 2, 2018

Dear Friends, The Easter scripture we read yesterday came from John's gospel.  There was a detail there that got no mention in

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