Dear Friends,

Lent starts this week. Lent is the 40 days, not counting Sundays, leading up to Easter. Easter, unlike Christmas, does not fall on a fixed date. People have asked me so often over the years how the date for Easter is set that I now have it memorized. Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon following the first day of Spring. Spring starts March 20 or 21, so Easter can never be earlier than that. When there is a full moon on, say March 19, that means Easter can be as late as April 25. (It was April 24 last year.)

Our daughters, Heather and Kelsey, have birthdays that span the range of possible Easters, March 22 and April 27. We didn’t plan it that way. And however early or late Easter might fall, as we learned a number of years ago, it is sure to snow that day in Burley, Idaho. The first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday. It’s the day when we as Christians remember our mortality. “From dust we came; to dust we shall return.”

We’ll be marking the first Sunday in Lent in worship this week, and I look forward to seeing you there. It will be a special service. But you will miss the true beginning of Lent unless you join me and Helen at College Church of the Nazarene for the community Ash Wednesday service. Soup supper begins at 6 pm and the service at 7 pm.  Blessings to you in the sacred season that awaits us.

In Christ,
Pastor John Watts