Monday Musings for 1.11.21


Dear Friends,

I woke up Friday morning and checked my phone.  There was a text message from our daughter, Kelsey.  It was received at 2:17 am.  Her first sentence:  “Just wanted to tell you I’m fine.”  That got my attention.

Last April, Kelsey left Fox-12 in Portland to become Public Information Officer for the Tigard Oregon Police Department.  Her early morning text was in reference to an officer-involved shooting and subsequent riot at the Tigard Police Headquarters.  We had not heard about any of this.  She concluded her message: “Two VERY long days for me, but I’m back home and fine.”

It started as a peaceful assembly.  We have that right.  We cherish that right.  It’s enshrined in the Constitution.  But then the peaceful assembly turned violent.  That’s been happening a lot lately.  Many recent examples could be given.  The one that really got our attention was last Wednesday at the United States Capitol Building.  It was a very sad day for America.

Horrible things can bring a nation together.  For a while it looked like that might happen Wednesday.  Nobody was defending what happened.  We all were shocked, horrified, and disgusted.  Maybe a new beginning with a new president?  Maybe better days are ahead?

But before Wednesday had ended, the “two sides” of our divided nation were at each other’s throats again.  Nothing has changed.  Things are not better.  They are worse.

I remember a book by Peter Robinson.  You don’t recognize his name, but you may recognize his words:

                       Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

He was a speechwriter for President Reagan.   He was 30 years old when he wrote those words.

Somewhere right now there is a speechwriter for Joe Biden working on a speech.  His name is Vinay Reddy, we think.  Information about such things is guarded.  The inaugural address will be given from the steps of the United States Capitol one week from Wednesday.  Same place and exactly two weeks after that awful day.

As I struggle over these words, I imagine him struggling over his.  What can be said that will help with the healing of our nation?

I pray that God will give him the words.  And I pray that President Joe Biden will be the leader we need in these trying times.


In Christ,