Dear Friends,
Sol Tax taught anthropology at the University of Chicago.  One day he was carrying his granddaughter on his shoulders.  They met a friend who spoke to the little girl:  “My, oh my, have you grown!!”
The little girl replied:  “Not all of this is me.”
We could all say that, couldn’t we?  Or perhaps you are entirely “self-made”??
If you were raised in a family that loved you, with parents who cared about you and expressed how they felt about you (even though it may have been an awkward gesture because that is the only way some parents can express their feelings). In spite of this, if you knew that they wanted only the best for you.  And they loved you.  And it was an unconditional love.  If you received that, then you received the strongest possible foundation on which to build a life.  And so you most certainly are not “self-made.”  What that little girl said is true of you.  “Not all of this is me.”
Not everyone has this blessing.  Many don’t have such a foundation on which to build their life.  If you didn’t get this from family, perhaps you got it later from teachers.  Or from friends. Or from mentors.  Or from a church family. I hope so.  Because this is a blessing we all need.
The older I get, the more I see how important other people are to us.  I know this for sure:  I am the person I am today because other people have loved me, and understood me, and listened to me, and were patient with me, and forgave me, and encouraged me.
In other words, “Not all of this is me.”
In Christ,