Monday Musings for 11.30.20


Dear Friends,

This year’s felt like four seasons of winter.

Thus opens the song “Reason” by “Unspoken.”  The song, along with its official music video is linked below.  If you’re like me, you will watch it over and over.

The girl is nine-year-old Romy Mattson.  Her dad in the video is her real-life dad.  Chad Mattson is lead singer of “Unspoken” and writer of the song.

No one was injured creating this video, though you are warned at the beginning:  “Do not attempt.”  Good thing they warned me.  I was planning to jump off my roof.

Four seasons of winter.  Winter is supposed to last three months and we’re done.  Then on to spring, summer, and fall.  But this year nothing has been the way it’s supposed to be.

Here’s what I think is cool.  This song was released in June 2019.  The line, “This year’s felt like four seasons of winter,” which fits 2020 so well, was written before anybody had any way of knowing what kind of a year this would be.

Also I love the scriptural content in the lyrics.  In fact, rather than anything more from me, along with the song and a picture taken during production, here are the lyrics and the scriptures that go with it.  They are some good ones.

Remember, “God has a plan and a purpose in this.  You are his child and don’t you forget.”

In Christ,