Monday Musings for December 21, 2020
Dear Friends,
Yesterday I talked about the “400 years of silence” between the Old and New Testaments.  You go from Malachi 4:6 to Matthew 1:1.  It’s just one page.  But it’s 400 years.  So the “Silent Night” we love to sing about was preceded by 400 years of silent nights.  Where was God all those nights and all those years?
When God is silent, it does not mean God is absent.
Watch the video I am sending with this.  You will learn that God was actually very busy during the 400 years before the birth of Jesus.
December 25 of 168 BC was the day Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated the Jewish Temple by sacrificing a pig on the altar.  Exactly three years later, December 25 of 165 BC was the day the Temple was cleansed and rededicated.  This is why the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah comes at the same time Christians are celebrating Christmas.
God was silent, but God was not absent.  God was at work.  God never leaves his people without hope.  Even in this strange and difficult year of 2020.
There is a technique public speakers are taught.  When you have an important point to make and you want people to listen, you don’t speak louder.  Just the opposite.  You speak softer.  You whisper.
The letters in the word “silent” and the letters in the word “listen” are the same.  Just a different order.
Listen for God in the silence.  He is there.  He is not shouting to get your attention.  He is whispering.
I believe in the sun even when it is not shining.
I believe in love even when there is no one there.
I believe in God even when he is silent.
Merry Christmas!
In Christ,