Monday Musings for February 1, 2021


Dear Friends,

Welcome to February!

Here’s a story that has been sitting in my file for a long time.  It’s about a miracle worker with 8 legs.  A US Seabee had become separated from his unit on a South Pacific island.  There had been intense fighting.  Alone in the jungle, he could hear enemy voices drawing near.

He scrambled up a rocky ridge and discovered several small caves.  Quickly he crawled inside one of them.  He knew he was safe for the moment, but not for long.  The caves were an obvious hiding place.  He would be discovered.  He would be killed.

He said a prayer.  He prayed for protection.  He told God how much he wanted to live, but he also prayed that God would comfort his wife and family if this was to be it.  He still could hear those enemy voices.  They were everywhere.  They were getting closer.  They were bound to find him.

That’s when he noticed the spider.  He saw the first strands of a web before he could see the creature that was making it.  This spider was intent on his work.  Back and forth he went, strand after strand, from one side of the cave opening to the other.  It was like he was in a hurry.

The man smiled.  He thought, “I need a brick wall, not a spider’s web.  God must have a strange sense of humor.”

From the darkness of his hiding place, he watched as one enemy soldier after another walked past his cave.  Other caves were being entered, but not this one.  Then it dawned on him.  With a full spider web covering the entrance, it appeared that no one had been in this cave for a long time.

“Lord, forgive me,” the young man prayed.  “I had forgotten that in you, a spider’s web is stronger than a brick wall.”

In Christ,