Monday Musings for 3/22/21


Dear Friends,

Today is the 30th birthday of our daughter, Heather.  Yesterday was the 3rd birthday of our granddaughter, Harper.  30 + 3 = 33.  Thirty-three years is not very many.  Especially if you’ve been around awhile.

Thirty-three years ago was 1988.  Doesn’t seem long ago.  So a baby born in 1988 will be turning 33 this year.  In every career except professional sports, 33 is young.  You’re just getting started.  You have a lot to learn.

Jesus was 33 when he was crucified.  You probably knew that, but have you ever thought about that?

Would you listen to what a 33-year-old has to say?  Or would you respond with a condescending comment?  Like maybe, “I thought that way too when I was your age.”

I remember my sermon title the Sunday before election day, 2016.  “Jesus for President.”  My point was that someone like Jesus could never be elected.  Crucified maybe, but never elected.  On reflection, there is another reason Jesus could never be elected.  The U.S. Constitution says a U.S. President has to be at least 35 years of age.

A lot of people back then didn’t like what Jesus had to say.  Not because of his age necessarily, but because of what he had to say.  A lot of people today, people who consider themselves good and faithful Christians, think they like what Jesus had to say.  But they have never bothered to find out what he really said.  And how hard it would be to do what he tells us to do.  Or whether we would even want to try doing what he tells us to do.

We are approaching Holy Week — the week a young man died on a cross.  Then rose from the grave.  Why should we care?  No reason.

Unless he was who he said he was.  In that case, 33 years old or not, nothing matters more.

In Christ,