Monday Musings for 3.23.20


Dear Friends,

Do you have plans for tonight?  Jerry and Darlene Cornilles have extended a dinner invitation.  6 pm.  Well, they invited us.  If they didn’t invite you, I’m sure it was an oversight.  You are more than welcome (I think).

Anyway, here is the deal.  The food will be your favorite food. The beverage will be your favorite beverage.  The background music will be your choice.  Sound good so far?

The seating arrangement will be a bit unusual.  Jerry and Darlene will sit at their dining room table, we will sit at ours, and you will sit at yours.

Coronavirus humor is going viral.  And it is important, really important, to be able to laugh in these

days when everyone is so very stressed out.  Not that this isn’t serious.  It is.  It is pretty clear by now

that everything we can possibly be doing to “flatten the curve” we need to be doing.  Yes, that includes staying home on Sunday, much as I hate that.  And much as I wish we were ready to go with live video streaming  . . .  But taking this seriously and following all the “social isolation” guidelines does not mean we can’t laugh.  How about this one?

My housekeeper just let me know she will be working from home until further notice.  She said she will call in every day and tell me what to do.

I have been in Portland the last few days.  We attended our granddaughter, Harper’s 2nd birthday party.  Such fun!  It was also our daughter Heather’s 29th birthday.  We had planned this trip long before we had even heard of the coronavirus.  We just figured we’d have a long, late drive on Saturday to get back in time for Sunday worship.  So I must admit, when church got cancelled I wasn’t as unhappy as I should have been.

We got out of Portland just in time.  The rumor was that the “station in place” order would come Monday morning.  It was very strange driving on freeways normally clogged with traffic that were practically empty.  I told Helen it felt like we were part of some weird science fiction movie.  It didn’t bother Harper one bit.  The rest of us?  Well, we were a bit on edge.

I know I’m not the only one getting the funny jokes on social media.  Send me your favorites.  Laughter is important.  I may have already said that.  In fact, I would say this:  if you are too stressed out to laugh at this one, take a deep breath and then change the channel on your television set:

First time in history.  We can save the human race by laying in front of the TV and doing nothing.  Let’s not screw this up!!!

In Christ,