Monday Musings for 3.30.20


Dear Friends,

Last week I shared some of my favorite coronavirus humor.  I suggested that you send me some funny ones you have heard.  The winner is Vivian Meacham.

God looked down and saw everyone was naughty, so he sent us to our rooms.

How are you doing?  As I have talked to several of you, I am impressed with your resilience.  And your humor.  And your faith.  Several of you have told me how you have been giving more attention to spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible study.  You’ve been turning off the scary news and watching old movies.  And I know there are projects getting done in and around your homes that you had not been able to find time to get to before.

All this is good.  But I also know that many of you (us) are living with an unsettled feeling inside that could be described as fear.  We are in uncharted waters.  Fear of the unknown is real.

I heard Henry Cloud tell a story on the radio last week.  His daughter was having a hard time getting to sleep.  She called for him.  Her brain would not shut down.  All these thoughts kept her from relaxing.  So she asked her dad, “What should I think about?”

He told her to think about sheep.  Count them jumping over a fence.  Not too original, but that’s all he could think of.

Five minutes later she called out again.  She said, “Daddy, my sheep keep crashing into the fence!”

Henry Cloud told his daughter, “Sweetheart, they are your sheep.”

When these panicky thoughts take over, remember this.  They are your thoughts.  You don’t have to think them.  You can replace them with better thoughts.  You can listen for God’s voice.

I like how John Ortberg puts it:

How do we recognize God’s voice?  How do we recognize anyone’s voice?  You pick up the phone and if you know someone well you will know their voice.  You’ve learned what it sounds like.  It has a certain tone to it.  So too with God’s voice.  There is a tone to it.  And the tone of God’s voice is never, ever frantic.  So if you are praying and you are hearing desperate or panicky thoughts you can know for sure, that’s not God’s voice.  God’s voice will never lead you into panicky desperation.

Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice” (John 10:27).

Tim Streagle sent me the video linked below.  These are musicians in Nashville who have time on their hands.  Their concerts have been canceled.  They have been “sent to their rooms.”  So, using their cell phones, they have come up with something quite amazing.  Enjoy.

In Christ,