Monday Musings for 4.26.21

Dear Friends,

The story goes that Phil Jackson, head coach of the Chicago Bulls, once said to his star, Michael Jordan:  “There is no ‘I’ in team.”  And Jordan replied, “But there is in win.”  And he was probably right.  With Michael Jordan at his prime, whatever team he was on would have been tough to beat.

(Which is why it still breaks my heart that my Portland Trailblazers took Sam Bowie with the #1 draft pick in 1984.  They could have had Michael Jordan!!  I know, I know, I need to let that go . . . )

There is no “I” in our team here at Nampa First.  I have some great teammates. One of them announced yesterday that he is leaving.

Tim Swanson has led our praise band since September of 2009.  That means he’s been here longer than I have.  He will still be with us while we are searching for his replacement, but he will be gone by the end of summer at the latest.

I am very grateful to Tim.  He is a gifted, professional musician.  He performs frequently around town.  And he travels a lot.  It has not been unusual for Tim to have a gig somewhere Saturday night far enough away that he had to drive all night on bad roads to be here in time for worship on Sunday morning.

He has built a great team with our “Wings of Faith” praise band.  They are good.  They also have fun.  Their joy comes through in their music, which adds so much to our worship at 11 am.

Tim has been great to work with.  He is a friend as well as a teammate.  There is a certain chemistry in any team sport that either happens or doesn’t.  I feel that chemistry with Tim week after week.

You may know that Tim’s dad, Orville, is a retired Nazarene pastor.  Orville and Mona (who passed away in late 2019) were frequent worship guests.  I never felt the need to offer the benediction at our 11 am service.   Tim’s faith is deep and genuine.  He can out pray me.

One of Tim’s legacies is the Help Group he got started here.  They were called upon many times to assist with projects that otherwise would have been overwhelming.  He has what he wrote about in his original song, “A Servant’s Heart.”  (Any takers to keep the Help Group going?)

Since there is no “I” in our team here at Nampa First, I know we will be strong even without Tim.  I speak for all of us in saying, “thank you.”  We will miss him.   And I have a feeling I will see many of you as Helen and I show up at Tim’s local gigs.

In Christ,