Monday Musings for 5.4.20


Dear Friends,

Every Sunday morning at 10:00 am we are live streaming our worship. Go to our website.  Click on “about us.”  You can even watch yesterday’s if you missed it.

Of course we’re not the only online worship service you can choose from.  There are a few others out there. I appreciate you watching ours.  But I’m going to tell you today about somebody else’s that you will probably be looking for as soon as you get done with this.  I know I will.

This is a fun story that is told in a way that will make you smile as you watch the video linked below.  Here is the short version:

There is a Newman United Methodist Church in Grants Pass, Oregon.  It is one of about 200 churches in our Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.  There is also a Newman United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Louisiana, 2,300 miles away.

Laurie and Greg Roe are members of Newman UMC in Oregon.  They were looking for their own online worship.  They found Newman UMC in Louisiana by mistake.  They immediately became fans of Tiffanie Postell.  Tiffanie is the pastor there.  It will take you about 10 seconds to fall in love with her.  Maybe less.

Now that you have heard my short version, you have to watch the full story.  Yes, you really do!

In Christ,