Monday Musings for 6.15.20


Dear Friends,

My friend John Mars, at Church of the Warm Heart UMC in Meridian, has added a few words to his congregational “sign off.”  It used to be, “Grace & Peace.”  Now it is, “Grace & Peace & Calm & Wisdom & Hope.”  I’m sure you will agree that we need all of these and more!

Here is a sampling of the “hot button” issues facing us these days:  re-opening businesses (and churches) while the coronavirus is still with us, mask or no mask, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Black Lives Matter, white privilege, peaceful protests, non-peaceful anarchy, Antifa, police tactics, police defunding, Robert E. Lee statues and windows, CHAZ (now CHOP) in downtown Seattle, relations with China, the Durham investigation, the national debt, the November election, transgender laws in Idaho.

Just reading that paragraph probably elevated your blood pressure. Remember:  “Grace & Peace & Calm & Wisdom & Hope” . . .

My brother says what we are living through now feels like the 1960’s all over again, except the music was better back then.

I am sending you a link to a song that came out in 1966.  It was written by Steven Stills and performed by “Buffalo Springfield.”  Why it was called “For What It’s Worth” I do not know.  Those words do not appear in the lyrics.  You may know it as “Stop, Hey, What’s That Sound.”

People think of this as a Vietnam War protest song.  It’s origin is actually a relatively peaceful confrontation between young people and police over a 10 pm curfew.  Several clubs on Sunset Strip in Hollywood had become late night gathering places.  Traffic was getting snarled and complaints were coming in.  The protests against the curfew were mainly but not always peaceful.  It was called the “hippie riots.”  No one was killed and damage to property was minimal.  But it was a harbinger of things to come.

Fifty years ago last month Ohio National Guard troops fired on Kent State University students protesting the Vietnam War.  Four were killed.  Steven Stills wrote another song about that.  He called it simply “Ohio.”

We are living through turbulent times.  The way of Jesus and the teachings of the Bible are so needed.  And so is “grace & peace & calm & wisdom & hope.”

In Christ,




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