Monday Musings for 6.22.20



Dear Friends,

Michael Jr. is a comedian.  One of the best.  We’ve watched his DVDs here at church.  We laughed so hard it hurt.

But he isn’t always funny.  In yesterday’s Father’s Day service, you saw him in a serious mode.  You met his newborn daughter.  His voice calmed her when she was crying.  When she started crying again, he said “I love you.” This time she not only calmed down but opened her eyes.  Really cool.  If you want another look, go to YouTube and search for “Michael Jr. Delivery Room.”

But I’m sending you a link to another video.  This one is also serious.  Deadly serious.  It’s about an encounter Michael Jr. had with a police officer when he was 19.  I won’t ruin it for you by telling you what you are going to hear.  I will say this.  It will make you mad, but it will also give you hope.

In Christ,