Monday Musings for 6.7.21


Dear Friends,

Happy Birthday to Dwayne Evanson, Richard Pimentel, and Kayleigh Pimentel!

And Happy Birthday to Barbara Bush.  She was born on June 8, 1925.  She died on April 17, 2018.  She would have been 96 tomorrow.

Our church library has a copy of her memoir.  I recommend it.  On page 523, she tells of a sleepless night.  She got up and made use of the time by writing a letter.  It was for her children.  It was about the lessons she had learned in life. She was 85 at the time.

Try — and oh, boy, how hard it is — to find the good in people and not the bad . . .  Nobody is perfect.  Certainly not me.  So look for the good in others.  Forget the other.  

Don’t talk about money, either having it or not having it.  It is embarrassing for others and quite frankly vulgar.  

Do not buy something that you cannot afford.  You do not need it.  If you really need something and can’t afford it, for heaven’s sake call home.  That’s what family is all about.

Value your friends.  They are your most valuable asset.  Remember loyalty is a two-way street.  It goes up and down.  So be loyal to those who are loyal to you.  Your dad is the best example of two-way loyalty that I know.

Love your children . . . Remember what Robert Fulghum says:  “Don’t worry that your children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”

For heaven’s sake, enjoy life.  Don’t cry over things that were or things that aren’t.  Enjoy what you have now to the fullest.  In all honesty, you really only have two choices:  you can like what you do or you can dislike it.  I choose to like it and what fun I have had!  The other choice is no fun and people do not want to be around a whiner.  We can always find people who are worse off and we don’t have to look far!  Help them and forget self!

I would certainly say, above all, seek God.  He will come to you if you look . . . Please set a good example for your children by going to church.  We — your dad and I — have tried to live as Christian a life as we can.  We certainly have not been perfect.  Maybe you can!  Keep trying.

What a glorious morning it is today!  “For heaven’s sake,” enjoy it!

In Christ,