Monday Musings for 7.20.20


Dear Friends,

Yesterday I told the story of a blind man who could see.

He would describe the world outside the window in his hospital room.  His roommate did not have a window, so he looked forward to these vivid descriptions.  He would close his eyes and imagine that he was seeing the beauty that was being described.  He had no idea that his roommate was blind.

When this roommate died, he asked if his bed could be moved to the window.  He looked out that window for the first time.  All he could see was a brick wall.  It was another wing of that same hospital.  There was nothing to see.  Or was there?

Jesus spoke of those who “having eyes, cannot see” (Mark 8:18).

When I was in college, I had a weekend job at the Oregon State School for the Blind.  I was the night watchman — midnight to 7 am — so rarely would I interact with the students.  Once in a while though, as my shift was ending, they would be starting their day.  At first I avoided them.  They couldn’t see me, so they wouldn’t notice my rudeness.  Typically they would have their heads down, “seeing” their way forward with a red-tipped cane.  One day I decided it wouldn’t hurt to say, “Good morning!”  I got the most cheerful “Good morning!” in return.

The blind can see.  They can see caring, compassion, and simple acknowledgement that they are human beings.  You don’t have to have eyes to see that.

Here is a video about a blind beggar, and someone who noticed him and who cared.

In Christ,