Dear Friends,
It was quite a concert Saturday!  A number of you were able to go.  I was asked to give the opening prayer at the 2 pm concert.  One of you snapped a picture, which I have attached.  I asked Helen if maybe I should sing a little something before the prayer.  She said no.
On that stage was a “who’s who” of some of the most talented singers in the world.  The big name was Marie Osmond.  Some of you remember when she came to our church in 2015.  She actually called me a few weeks ago to tell me about the concert.  Here’s one thing she said in our brief conversation:
Sometimes I wonder why I am where I am.  There are a lot of people out there who can sing better than me.  God must be counting on me to use whatever talent I have for his glory.
That may not be word for word, but that’s pretty close.
The artist I fell in love with Saturday was Alex Boyé.  I have attached the music video of one of the songs he sang for us, “Bend, Not Break.”
Here is the short version of the story behind the song:
A 16-year-old Alex Boyé was broke and homeless, living on the streets of London.  He was eating out of dumpsters.  When he walked down the street, he would look into the faces of all the people and conclude that every one of them was better than he was.  He struggled with suicidal thoughts.
Then one night in a nightclub he heard a song.  He doesn’t remember what it was, only that its message was basically “hold on, don’t quit.”  His spirit leaped.  He says that short song was like ten years of therapy.
Fast forward a few years.  Alex Boyé was now a rising star.  He had spent all day in a recording studio.  Everyone was exhausted.  He was exhausted.  But he had this powerful feeling that they weren’t done.  They had to record one more song.
He explained that there was a song he had to write that might “talk someone down off the ledge.”  The sound engineer started crying.  It was the one year anniversary of his best friend’s suicide.  Alex says that was a sign.  This was meant to be.  They wrote and recorded the song in one hour.
A song had saved his life.  Maybe this song would save somebody else’s.
The music video was filmed in Herriman, Utah, a city that had recently lost several teenagers to suicide.  It is being used now in suicide prevention work across the country.
Like Marie Osmond, Alex Boyé is using the gifts God has given him for God’s glory.
In Christ,