Monday Musings on a Tuesday – 9.8.20


Dear Friends,

We have two holidays this week.  Labor Day was yesterday.  It’s been around awhile.  Friday we observe a newer and more solemn holiday.  Patriot’s Day.  It will be 19 years since the September 11 terrorist attack.  There were many heroes on that awful day.  I think of all those firefighters climbing stairs at the World Trade Center, determined to save lives, knowing they might not come back down.  Most of them did not.

One hero is remembered by name.  Todd Beamer.  His immortal words, “Let’s roll!” signaled the beginning of a battle in the sky with terrorists, thwarting their evil plans.

Todd’s widow, Lisa is a remarkable person.  I read the transcript of an interview she gave several years ago.

It’s the little things that I miss most about Todd, such as hearing the garage door open as he came home, and our children running to meet him.  

I had a very special teacher in high school many years ago whose husband died suddenly of a heart attack.  About a week after his death, she shared some of her insights with our class.  She told us that we were all put on this earth to learn, share, love, appreciate, and give of ourselves.  None of us knows when this fantastic experience will end.  It can be taken away at any moment.  She said maybe this is God’s way of telling us that we must make the most of every single day.

By then her eyes were full of tears.  I remember she made us promise that every day we would find something beautiful to notice.  That day, on my way home from school, I noticed more things in that one short walk than I had in the entire year of school before that.

I think of that teacher often.  She made a big impression on me.  I still try every day to appreciate all the beautiful things that are so easy to overlook.

Put yourself in Lisa Beamer’s place.  What would you feel?  Anger. Grief. Despair. Heartache.  I’m sure she feels all of that.  But what came first to her mind when she was asked about the day her husband was one of 3,000 whose lives were so senselessly cut short?  Gratitude for each day God gives her.  Appreciation for all the good things in this world.

Will you make me a promise?  Will you notice something beautiful today that you might otherwise overlook?

In Christ,