Dear Friends,

There are 52 weeks each year.  But one of those weeks is unlike any other.  This is Monday of Holy Week.  For one thing, no other week has eight days.  Holy Week does.  We started yesterday with Palm Sunday.  And we end with the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday.  That’s eight days.  Too much happened during Holy Week to squeeze into the conventional seven.

Of course, Holy Week is unique for reasons beyond this trivial anomaly.  This is the week Jesus died and rose again.  This is the week the Bible documents with detail far beyond that recorded for any other week.  And this is the week for followers of Jesus to ponder all that happened this week and how this one week makes every one of the other 51 weeks different and better.

Many Christians are so enslaved to their routines that this week passes without any appreciable difference from any other week.  I hope you won’t let that happen.  It you do daily devotions, make them longer and more intentional.  If you don’t do daily devotions, this is a great week to start.  (Call the office for a free devotional guide.) Come to our 8 pm Good Friday service.  Come to our “Spring Fling and Easter Thing” children’s celebration that starts at 10 am on Saturday.  And of course, come to Easter Sunday worship.  We will have three services at the usual times, 9 am, 11 am, and 5:30 pm.

Christian Century this week printed something about the end of Holy Week, the packed churches on Easter Sunday:

They all came.  So do we.  We come to be embraced in the dark hour.  We come with regrets that once again we haven’t begun to measure up.  We come for faith in the future and acceptance of the past.  We come, over and over, for a million different reasons, but we come, finally to reassure ourselves that we’re more than skin and bones.

In Christ,