Dear Friends,

Recently I came across a piece by James Angel called “Guidelines for Sane Living”:

(1) Strike a balance between work and play – between seriousness and laughter. Go to church regularly, and also to the ball game.

(2) Stick to the truth, even if it makes you look or feel bad. Falsehoods are like wandering ghosts.

(3) Forgive your enemies as part of the price you pay for the privilege of being forgiven. Realize you are sometimes a pain in the neck also.

(4) Walk. Get lots of air and sunshine, and occasionally some rain in your face, some dirt on your hands.

(5) Talk through your troubles and mistakes with someone you trust – and your dreams, too.

(6) Don’t underestimate the ability of God to straighten out a situation even when you can’t, and give God a little time! And pray.

(7) Discriminate among your fears. Learn to tell which ones are useful and which one are destructive.

(8) Remember that the ultimate death rate is still 100%. You would be short-changed if everyone got to die and you didn’t.

(9) When you can’t sleep, say, “Aha! Here’s a chance for a little privacy and creative thinking. All day I’ve been too busy to pray, and now I can get around to thanking God.”

(10) Fall in love with life – with children, older people, middle-agers, sports cars, theater, music, books, cities, hills, the sea, the Bible. Fall in love with everything except money.

All ten of these really speak to me on this Monday morning.  Hope they do to you, too.

In Christ,