Dear Friends,

Easter is like Christmas.  It happens whether you are ready for it or not.  But it’s nice to be ready.  Especially here at church, where the privilege and responsibility of hosting worship celebrations centered in the “true meaning” of these holidays (holy days) is felt especially keenly.  So it’s always a wonderful feeling on this “day after” when things went well.  Today I just want to say thank you to the many who worked so hard, mainly behind the scenes, to get our church ready for Easter.

We got a glorious day, weather-wise.  No one but God gets credit for that, but our church grounds had been carefully groomed to look especially good in that glorious spring sunshine.  The building was clean and inviting.  That involved some work after our “Spring Fling and Easter Thing” the day before.  That was a huge success, well-attended and well-organized.  The 1500 eggs you provided weren’t at all too many. Our Good Friday tenebrae service was as beautiful and meaningful as I ever remember it.  Then the transition of the sanctuary from Good Friday to Easter Sunday was underway.  The altar was absolutely stunning.  It was such a good feeling when I got here early on Sunday to see that everything was in very good order.  Including wonderful table decorations for our cinnamon roll fellowship hour between services. Soon many bags filled with fun Easter things for our children to enjoy during worship started arriving.  You made enough I was told we would have plenty left over.  We had none.  The 9 am choir showed up extra early to get ready for their anthems, including the “Hallelujah Chorus”.  All beautifully done.  The 11 am praise band got shortchanged on the cinnamon rolls as they prepared for the second worship service. Again, wonderful, joyous music.  (Or course all our choirs and musicians do most of their preparation at mid-week rehearsals they faithfully attend week after week.)  We had many guests at both services as we always do on Easter, and I was especially impressed by several of you who reached out to them with friendly hospitality and then took the extra step of making sure they met me.  We also had bus drivers, ushers, greeters, sound techs, projectionists, bulletins prepared and folded, projection slides created, and even after all this, I’m sure I left someone out. Finally, our third worship service of the day, Simply Worship, with Easter joy evident in the faces of some dear people who face more than the usual challenges in life.

So, it was a good day.  I hope you recognize that as an understatement.  It was a fantastic day!!  Thanks to all of you for helping make it so.

In our Risen Lord,