Dear Friends,

How did the giraffe get its name?  I’ve been told that the giraffe is God’s Incredibly Remarkable Animal, Fourteen Foot Example.  The truth is, all of God’s creation is “incredibly remarkable”.  And all of God’s creation is remarkably diverse.

I was looking for coverage this morning of my Portland Trailblazers’ come from behind overtime thriller of a victory last night.  All I could find was wall-to-wall Donald Sterling news.  I knew it must be a big story when I noticed that CNN has stopped talking about the missing airplane.

Don Sterling is Jewish, a group often targeted with hatred and bigotry.  He owns a basketball team that is largely African-American, the group his recorded conversation targeted with hatred and bigotry.  Here in the Treasure Valley, the group I hear most often targeted with hatred and bigotry are immigrants (legal or otherwise) from Mexico.

All this is very sad.  God made us different.  God loves diversity.  If you don’t believe that, visit a zoo.  It would be a boring world if we were all the same.

We have a ways to go in loving and accepting those who are different from us.  Donald Sterling’s comments remind us of that. It’s easy to condemn him.  When everyone else is piling on, it’s easy to jump on the dog pile.  What’s harder is what’s really needed — to look within and to examine our own attitudes.  When it comes to racial reconciliation, are we part of the solution?  Or are we part of the problem?

In Christ,