Dear Friends,

It was a great Easter yesterday!  I’m just sitting here thinking with gratitude of all of you who worked so hard to make our Easter celebration all that it was.  There were the musicians, choir, praise band, children’s choir, organist, guest accompanists, extra rehearsals.  You all did great!  There were those who decorated the altar and the sanctuary, first for Good Friday, then for Easter.  It’s hard to overstate the power of the visual in creating an environment conducive to worship.  There were those who worked so hard to have something fun for our children — the egg hunt, the crafts, the gift bags.  The fellowship hall looked great and the kitchen crew did a fabulous job of serving delicious cinnamon rolls and creating an atmosphere for conversation and enjoying one another.  Many hours of work went into getting our grounds looking good for Easter morning.  And did you notice we now have three brand new designated parking spaces for guests?  We had more than three Easter guests, but I’m sure seeing those signs made them all feel extra welcome.  The display for June’s Vacation Bible School was nicely done and timely with all the extra people here.  There was extra work last week on bulletins and inserts and extra bulletins to stuff and fold.  And yes, I’m afraid this morning our finance people are going to have to take extra time counting all our Easter offerings!  One of the fun things about being a pastor is being part of a team that steps forward to do what needs doing, works well together, and has fun in the process.  Believe me, it would not have been much of an Easter around here if you had left all the work up to me!  I appreciate you all and I am so proud to be your pastor!

In Christ, Pastor John Watts