Dear Friends,

Hard to believe this coming Sunday will be the last day of August!  A week from today will be the first day of September, Labor Day.  I say it every year, but I’ll say it again: Where did summer go?

We are going to start September in a big way here at Nampa First.  We are going to have one combined, big worship service on September 7.  The time will be 10 am. No 9 am service that day.  No 11 am service that day.  Worship starts that day only at 10 am.  And we really hope you will all make a special effort to attend.  It is not often that we are all together.  And it certainly adds to the joy of worship when we worship with a crowd.

I’m going to be starting on that day a six-part series from the Book of Acts.  The Book of Acts is the Bible’s history of the Church.  Some people hear the word “history” and they check out mentally because they assume it will be dry and dull.  Not the Book of Acts!  It’s a thrilling story.  The hard part for me is limiting it to six sermons.  There is easily a year’s worth of preaching material in this book.  And it seems this church finds itself at a critical juncture as we learn what the Bible has to teach us about how we might be faithful to God as a vital church in today’s world.

One more reason to come to church at 10 am on September 7:  FOOD!  After worship, our celebration will continue in the Fellowship Hall as we enjoy a delicious meal together.

So, I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, August 31.  I have something I’m excited to share with you about what it means to follow Jesus.  I’ll be sharing the story of an amazing man named William Borden.  Come at 9 am, 11 am, or 5:30 pm.  Then, one week from Sunday, September 7, I look forward to seeing you, ALL OF YOU, at 10 am!

In Christ,