Dear Friends,

This time just a couple of footnotes on what I wrote two weeks ago.  I wrote about a poem I had been given.  It was about angels looking down from heaven for people who need some encouragement and then tossing pennies down for them to find.  “So don’t pass by that penny when you’re feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven that an angel tossed to you.”  I made fun of that poem, but I concluded by saying, “What’s the harm in seeing God in all things?”

Curtis Wilhite responded.  He told of a friend of his named Marty who had moved here from Mexico.  They were walking through a store parking lot when Marty saw a penny on the pavement and bent over to pick it up.  His comment was, “What a wonderful country this is!  You never find money just lying on the ground in Mexico.”

Another response came from Woody Woodburn who lives in Ventura, California.  He and I have never met but we have become acquainted through the United States Running Streak Association.  (Yes, there is such a thing!  It just means we both run every day.)  He said, “I like to leave shiny pennies (and nickles, dimes, and quarters) where kids might find them, especially on playgrounds and park areas.  I remember how excited I was as a child to find a coin so I try to make that happen to others now.”

My response to Woody:  “Well, now we know who that angel is!”

In Christ,


PS  I’m excited to share the story Sunday of another friend I’ve never met who runs every day.  I am going to be talking about “Things I’ve Learned on the Run” and there is a video we’re going to show about Pastor Ben Emmons from Lorton, Virginia.  No spoiler here.  I will just say that you will be amazed.  See you in church!