Dear Friends,

I read in this morning’s paper that Gabby Douglas is already on a Corn Flakes box.  Those people at Kelloggs don’t miss a beat. They produced far and away the best commercial that has been playing during the Olympics.  I copied down the words, thinking they were good enough to save, and good enough to share with you this morning.

As the world gathers to honor the glory of the finish, let’s take a moment and celebrate the promise of the start.

Why does the finish get all the glory?  Is the win all that matters?  Is it our human nature?  Is it our survival instinct?

Is that how we get ahead in life?  Is the end the most rewarding part of the journey?  Is it?

The truth is, there is no destination without a beginning.  No good bye without hello.

No dream without closing your eyes.  No “happily ever after” without “once upon a time”.

For us there’s no finish line without the most important part of the day.  The start.

Of course the point of the ad is to start your day with a big bowl of Kelloggs cereal.  (I do believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, though I am partial to oatmeal.)  There’s a lot more “food” for thought in the above words than a simple sales pitch.  I think about children and how important it is that we grownups do all in our power to help their lives get off to a good start.  I think about “Kid’s Stuff”, where this church is privileged to be doing just that.  I think of Stephen Covey, who recently left us, and his “habit 2”:  Begin with the end in mind.  I think of marriages beginning this summer.  Babies born this summer.  Another school year soon to begin.  Another church year, too.  I think of all the people who are no doubt resolving to get out and exercise a bit more, inspired by the Olympic athletes.  (Is it my imagination, or have I seen more people out early in the morning?)  I think of a beautiful summer morning like this, filled with promise and potential.  Let’s get this day off to a good start!  And then, if you love the Olympics like me, we know how this day will end!

(And thank God for the mute button for that obnoxious Idaho lottery ad.)

In Christ,