Dear Friend,

There is a character in a novel I just read who is called “Silent Mike”.  Mike isn’t at all quiet or shy.  So why this particular nickname?  With some prodding, he shares his story.  Christmas was always his favorite holiday.  And he loved to sing the Christmas carols.  He didn’t always get the words right, but that didn’t keep him from singing.  His favorite was the one he was sure had been written for him:  “Silent Mike, Holy Mike, All is Calm, All is Bright.”   That’s the way he sang it.  And that’s the reason he will always be known as “Silent Mike”!

We smile and think it’s cute that a child would think that a Christmas carol was written just for him.  But was he really wrong?  The angel announced on that first Christmas night, “To you is born a Savior who is Christ the Lord.”  The “you” refers to the shepherds.  Christ was born for them.  The “you” also refers to everyone.  “Christmas is for everyone, everyone on earth”, as the song goes.  But the “you” also means just what it says.  You.  You are the reason Christ was born.  Christmas means that God loves you (yes, you!) so much that God came to earth as a tiny baby so that you might know what it means to live fully and abundantly.

Christmas doesn’t end with you.  The Christmas story ends with Jesus telling us to go into all the world and make disciples.   It’s not “all about you.”  It’s all about others.  Christmas doesn’t end with you, but Christmas does begin with you.  It begins with the childlike innocence and purity of heart that can accept the truth that Jesus really was born for you.

In Christ,