Dear Friends,

As we approach Christmas Day, I would like to share with you Stephanie’s story.  Stephanie is in her first year teaching kindergarten. She was teaching her class the difference between things we want and things we need.  She explained that things we want are things we would like to have but that we could get along without.  Things we need are things we have to have.  We couldn’t get along without them.  We need them to survive.  She had a stack of magazines.  The assignment was to cut out pictures from the magazines and decide if it was a picture of a want or a need. That’s when one of her students raised a hand and said, “If I find a picture of Jesus, I’m going to definitely cut him out.” Another one added, “Yeah, me too.  He is a need!”

Jesus is a need!  What a blessing to have him in our lives!  What a privilege to celebrate his birthday!

I hope to see you tonight, 7 pm, for our “Night Before Christmas Eve Service” and  / or tomorrow night, also at 7 pm, for our “Christmas Eve Service”.  Bring family and friends.

In Christ,