Dear Friends,

Many of us know Roberta Witteman well.  She is our church historian.  She is the one who proudly tends the “little church” that holds contributions to our Building Fund.  She was among the first to make Helen and me feel welcome in this church and I know she has done the same for many of you when you were new here.  You may not know that Roberta is a writer.  She wrote for some time for the Idaho Press Tribune.  I thought, what a better Monday Musing for Christmas Eve than to reprint something Roberta Witteman wrote some time ago that she called “Christmas Potpourri”!

Christmas Is:  Many things to each of us.  What it means depends on what we bring to it, not in gifts and outer display, but the inner offerings of love and faith that abide in the heart.  Children provide a gentle reminder of the reason we celebrate Christmas, from the Christmas Sunday School Program to the singing of Christmas songs and exchange of gifts — it is a happy time.  In past years my family gathered on Christmas Eve at my parents’ home.  The traditional supper was my mother’s homemade Oyster Stew and Chicken Sandwiches.  This tradition was especially important to my father, who so enjoyed having his children and grandchildren around him.  The  warmth and love that was around us at Christmas time filled our hearts with hope and joy.  It gave us courage for the present and hope for the future.  In conclusion I’d like to quote from Charles Dickens:  “I have always thought of Christmas as a good time, a kind forgiving, generous, pleasant time, a time when men and women open their hearts freely and so I say God Bless Christmas.”  Today our family is scattered so we are only together in spirit, but we have the Christmas heart the whole year through.  May God’s blessings be with you one and all.     –Roberta P. Witteman

I saw many of you at the service last night, I hope to see more of you at the service tonight (7 pm), and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

In Christ,